Two New Courses in Xamarin and SAFe 4.0

At Object Training we are continually looking for new courses that reflect the way many of our participants are thinking of developing their skills.  With this in mind we have published two new courses which may be of interest to you, in the Agile and .NET areas.

Mobile App X-Platform Development with Xamarin

Xamarin is a comprehensive X-Platform toolset with over 1 million developers worldwide. It  compiles to native code and runs fast producing platform independent apps that retain platform look and feel. Like any technology, moving from simple examples to implementing production quality apps requires experience. Learn how to develop native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices from a single C# code base using Xamarin. This course will help accelerate your experience and enable you to start developing real apps faster.

This is a two day hands-on accelerator course in which students will learn how to implement apps and engage in actual app development using Xamarin. At the end of the course students will understand the benefits of Xamarin, its architecture and how to develop an app using Xamarin tools and 3rd party components. Course material will include many useful references, tips and techniques.

Leading SAFe 4.0

In this course, you will learn the Lean-Agile principles and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe). You’ll learn how to execute and release value through Agile Release Trains, how to build an Agile Portfolio, and how to lead a Lean-Agile transformation at enterprise scale. You will gain an understanding of the Lean-Agile mindset and how to apply the principles and practices of SAFe to support Agile teams, programs, program portfolio management, and to coordinate large Value Streams.  You’ll learn how to establish an Agile Portfolio, prepare and conduct Agile Release Train increment planning sessions, and how to execute the delivery of value predictably and reliably.  During this class, you will gain the knowledge necessary to help lead your organisation through an enterprise agile transformation leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework.

At the end of the course you will be eligible to take the test for the SAFe Agilist (SA) certification.


Please follow the links to our webpage for more information about our courses:

Object Training Course Schedule

Mobile App X-Platform Development with Xamarin

Leading SAFe 4.0

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