Policies and Terms & Conditions


  • These terms and conditions supersede all previous terms and conditions generally published except where terms and conditions have been modified in a customer agreement or proposal.
  • Object Training reserves the right to vary scheduled course dates and fees. However receipt of a Registration prior to any fee increase(s) will ensure the client pays only the fee amount which was published at the time of Registration.
  • Object Training owns all material, documentation, reports and any other deliverables produced or delivered to the Customer in the course of the Training Services (“Intellectual Property”). For avoidance of doubt, title in Intellectual Property remains with Object Training.


  • Object Training must receive all Registration forms and/or purchase orders ten (10) working days prior to course commencement in order to assist with course viability decisions. Late registrations will be accepted right up to course commencement date as long as the course being booked has been deemed viable plus we have seating available. Please consult your Object Training Account Manager or email your request to info@objecttraining.com.au to determine the status of any course at any time.
  • Registrations must be received by Object Training in writing – either via email or website registration.
  • Prerequisites where applicable are on all course outlines at www.objecttraining.com.au or call 1300 360 203. Note, not all courses have prerequisites.  Participants who do not have the required prerequisites may be refused course attendance.
  • Once a Registration and/or purchase order is received, Object Training will immediately issue a’Registration Received’ letter by email to acknowledge your registration.
  • The ‘Registration Received’ notification does not imply that the course itself is confirmed, purely that we have received and recorded your Registration.
  • Any alterations to the original Registration should be notified to an Object Training Account Manager or info@objecttraining.com.au as soon as possible or no later than ten (10) working days prior to course commencement.

Course Confirmation

For In House course bookings, Object Training must receive a completed, signed Object Training Booking Form (and/or purchase order) by email or mail in order to confirm the scheduling of an Object Training Instructor/Trainer.

A ‘Course Confirmation’ letter is issued by email to each registrant once there are sufficient participants for the course or no later than eight (8) working days prior to course commencement, whichever is the earlier.

‘Course Confirmation’ means that Object Training is fully committed to delivering the course and has formally issued purchase orders (including non-refundable venue, travel and accommodation payments) to all associated suppliers connected to that course.

A ‘Course Confirmation’ provides joining instructions and full location details of the course itself.

This notification will be sent to attendee(s) and the booking authority (if all contact details are supplied as part of Registration).

Class Cancellation Policy

Object Training reserves the right to defer or cancel any public class up to 8 business days prior to the start of the class.  If this occurs assistance will be provided to reschedule clients to an alternative course date and/or you will receive a full refund.

Object Training will advise of course cancellation or postponement by email no later than eight (8) working days prior to course commencement.  In the instance where Object Training postpones a course, no customer invoice will be generated.

Object Training Administration will automatically suggest the next scheduled date for you whilst an Account Manager will discuss all possible alternative options with you.

If Customer desires to cancel or reschedule a private In-House class, it must provide written notice to Object Training at least 15 business days before the start date of the class.  Any changes to the agreed class schedule must be mutually agreed to in writing.  If Customer gives fewer than 15 business days’ notice but more than 10 business days Customer shall pay a fee of 50% of the course cost.  If customer gives fewer than 10 business days’ notice Customer shall pay a fee of 100% of the course cost as liquidated damages to costs incurred by Object Training.

Student Cancellation Policy

Cancellations by the customer must be received in writing (email or hardcopy letter) to an Object Training Account Manager or info@objecttraining.com.au as early as practically possible, but no later than ten (10) working days prior to course commencement.

If cancellation or reschedule request is made in fewer than 11 business days, that student will be subject to the full course fee, as will any student who fails to show up for a scheduled class.  If you register during the cancellation period, the policy is in effect immediately.


Invoices for public classes are issued once the course is confirmed (course confirmation occurs approximately ten (10) days before course commencement date and the actual invoice will be delivered to the client prior to course commencement unless otherwise specified by client (refer points below).

Invoices will be issued by email. If a hardcopy is required for the client this can be arranged.

Any client request for an invoice to be issued ahead of actual course attendance will be accommodated by Object Training, however please note that the payment is due and payable immediately and the customer must take up the full value of the invoice towards any future Object Training course within a six (6) month timeframe.

If a client makes a full payment against an invoice and wishes to receive an “Invoice Paid” document, please email info@objecttraining.com.au

Payment Terms and Methods

Payment for public schedule or in house courses must be received by Object Training 7 days from presentation of invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing with your Object Training Account Manager.

Payment can be made via credit card, cheque or EFT.

EFT Details:
Suncorp Bank
Name: Suncorp Metway/ Object Consulting Pty Ltd
BSB: 484-799 A/C: 502558050
ABN: 55 003 682 693

Please direct any payment remittance to accounts@objectconsulting.com.au.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Suncorp Working Capital Solutions’ and should be mailed to Accounts Dept, Object Consulting, PO Box 528, North Sydney NSW 2060 along with a printout of the Course Confirmation email to verify the payment.