Outsourcing your software development?

Tried and true waterfall and scrum-like agile approaches don’t work very well when half the team are on-shore and the other half are off-shore. The reality is that for these approaches to work effectively they have to be tailored to fit your specific needs.

If you are considering an outsourcing option, our National Training Manager, Dr Paul Nash is an expert on methodology and he is making himself available to discuss the possible approaches you could adopt in a one-hour FREE phone consultation to the 1st five respondents to this offer..

 “I am moving the development of our new web-site off-shore.  Their salaries are a fraction of Australian salaries. Hey, I can afford to develop the system three times to get it right and still be ahead,” – naïve off-shore-enthusiast IT Manager.

Free phone consultation on “On-shore – off-shore development”

During the free phone consultation we will be covering

  • What country should you use?
  • What type of development project are you contemplating?
  • What parts of the SDLC should you keep on-shore?
  • How should the teams communicate?
  • What should the on-shore team produce for the off-shore team?
  • What should the off-shore team produce for the on-shore team?
  • What’s the worst that can happen?

Offer is limited to the first 5 respondents


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