New Sparx Enterprise Architect V13 Courses Available

Sparx Enterprise Architect 13 has recently launched and has evolved from a basic UML modelling tool into a highly popular, collaborative and feature-rich tool that supports and facilitates the entire product development life-cycle. As a Sparx Systems certified trainer, Object Training has training courses available for business professionals to enhance their skills and to help them become proficient users of Sparx EA.

Our Sparx EA courses were developed to provide in depth information to fast-track you into using the tool productively.  Whether you do agile or projects with formal governance, you will find that Sparx EA is one of the best modelling and collaborative development tools around.

New Sparx Courses we offer

  • Sparx EA Foundations
    This course covers the core features of the tool and how to use them correctly and reliably in a collaborative, team-based environment. Find out more.
  • Sparx EA for Analysis and Design
    This course is for software developers and covers object-oriented approaches to software development from requirements, through to problem analysis and solutions design.
  • Sparx EA for Business Analysis
    The focus of this course is on requirements and business analysis using UML, BPMN 2 and other Sparx EA artefacts.
  • Sparx EA for Systems Engineering
    We also provide training in Sparx EA for Systems Engineers who prefer to use SysML rather than UML.
  • Sparx EA for Enterprise Architecture
    This course explores the Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and other Sparx tools provided in Sparx EA to support the development of enterprise architectures. Ideal for experienced enterprise architects.

Looking for a customised Sparx course for your team?  We can customise a Sparx EA course tailored to your specific needs.
Find out more about our course offerings: Object Training Course Schedule

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