The Agile Business Analyst



This workshop is aimed toward Business Analysts who have previously worked on waterfall type projects and are now, or will shortly be, working on an agile project.


2 days


Presentations & Exercises


Today’s Business Analyst will typically have worked on one or more waterfall type projects but now agile projects are becoming mainstream. Everything is different, from how you are expected to work with the development team and stakeholders, capturing and documenting requirements, and dealing with change and uncertainty.

If you are working in an agile team for the first time or your project has decided to adopt agile as their development methodology, then it is important to understand the following:

  • What is agile and how does it differ from waterfall projects
  • What’s your role in the agile team; what’s different and what’s the same
  • How do you write requirements and what processes and practices should you adopt
  • What artifacts do you need and when are they created

This comprehensive two-day course will provide the key tools to enable you to adapt your business analysis skills to an agile project and will give you the knowledge to contribute and confidently work within a new and challenging environment.

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