Professional Java



IT Professionals wanting to become knowledgeable and proficient Java Developers


4 days


Lectures with accompanying hands-on programming exercises. PC-based


JavaSE JDK and Eclipse IDE


Since 2006, Java has on average, been ranked as the #1 programming language in the Tiobe Index. Today, Java is the development platform of choice for server-side enterprise applications. The language scales very well, and boasts a well-supported ecosystem to make it an extremely productive development platform.

This intense four-day course is designed for programmers who want to become proficient Java developers. You will learn about the features and best practices of the language that is expected of professional Java developers.

To this end, it provides a very comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of the Java Language and key APIs found in the Standard Edition Platform. Best practice in using the language and object-oriented programming  is also discussed in detail.

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