Java Design Patterns



Experienced Java Developers and Designers


2 days


Presentations, Demonstrations & Exercises (50% practical). PC-based


Java 7 Standard Edition JDK and Eclipse Juno IDE.

Learning the fundamentals of a programming language is one thing; learning how to design and write effective programs in that language is something else entirely.

What makes successful Java programmers is not the ability to recite language rules. Instead, effective Java programmers have acquired a set of principles and strategies to build software that is flexible and is amenable to refactoring for change and extension.

Design Patterns provide a set of blueprints to aid programmers in learning and acquiring these principles and strategies. Some relate to how to avoid problems, others to how to achieve greater efficiency or how to build more flexible designs. Collectively these strategies greatly facilitate the efficient creation of robust, flexible and extensible software structures.

In addition, this course also teaches the OOD Principles and Strategies underlying Design Patterns.

This two-day course has been developed for experienced Java programmers who wish to increase their design skills and expertise in using the language. The course provides them with a kit bag of techniques and strategies to put them ahead of the pack.

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