Uncover C++ 11


Experienced C++ Developers and Designers


1 day


Presentations, Demonstrations and Exercises. PC-based

This C++11 one-day course has been developed for experienced C++ programmers who wish to increase their design skills and expertise, and get a better understanding of the changes and additions to the C++ language.

C++11 adds many new language features and the course explains several of them, including the new meaning of the auto keyword, simplifications like better handling of right angle brackets in templates, lambda expressions and the new function declaration syntax.

The new standard library also includes new features such as adding multithreading support directly into C++ and improved smart pointers that will simplify memory management.

The C++11 new tools, such as lambda expressions, increase its overall expressiveness and clarity.

Move semantics improve the basic efficiency of the language allowing you to write faster code, and improvements to the template system make it much easier for developers to write generic code.

The course provides explanations to the functionalities in C++11 that make it a whole lot easier to program.

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