Business Process Modelling Uncovered

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Business Process Modellers, Business Engineers, Business Analysts, User Representatives, Requirements Modellers


3 days


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This training course is endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis.

Business projects are about business change and improvement. Understanding business processes at the beginning of a project and then improving those processes means the ultimate solution will not only be efficient and effective but meet the business needs of your organisation. With Business Process Modelling, projects become agents of change in the business not just automation of established practices.

This course provides 21 PDUs (Professional Development Units) towards IIBA accreditation.

The goals of Business Process Modelling are to:

  • Understand the organisation’s current goals, strategies and business environment
  • Define the future business processes required to support these goals and strategies
  • Formulate an improvement proposal which defines how the organisation can transition to these future business processes
  • Provide a seamless path for the implementation of systems identified as part of the improvement proposal


Scheduled dates

  • Sydney: 11-13 December
  • Melbourne: 13-15 November
  • Canberra: 1-3 November
  • Brisbane: Contact us

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