Building RESTful APIs with Spring MVC/REST





2 days


Presentations, Demonstrations & Exercises


– Windows – Java 8 – Spring Tool Suite – Spring Framework 4


The strategic importance of APIs can no longer be ignored. APIs allow companies to grow at unprecedented rates by sharing services with external firms. Facebook, Twitter and PayPal are well known examples. APIs provide value through direct monetization, driving usage and engagement, partner retention and in the case of Netflix, market dominance by providing a focused API that integrates with a large number of platforms. The dominant technology for implementing APIs is the RESTful API. REST makes it easy for web clients to access an API. The approach is becoming even more important with the move towards micro-services and cloud computing. This course teaches Java developers how to implement RESTful APIs according to the well-established REST constraints using the Spring MVC/REST framework. REST APIs developed with Spring conforms to the REST set of constraints and principles, including HATEOAS.


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