Agile/XP Software Development



Developers, project managers, customers and anyone else who wishes to obtain an understanding of Agile methods, needs to develop solutions which are fast to market and high quality or wants to gain an insight in how to best create happy customers of software development projects.


2 days


Lectures & Group Exercises


In the past, IT projects were characterized by large teams, big up-front analysis and design, and heavy-weight, gated processes, leading to substantial risks and expensive failures. The Agile approach to software development was conceived and developed to meet these problems, and is now an industry standard for software development.

While they challenge many conventional theories and preconceptions, Agile methods are founded on practical observation of practices that work well in dealing with complex and changing requirements, managing project risk, improving product quality and customer satisfaction, and improving a project’s ROI.

This two-day course on Agile methods examines the core principles and practices, their relationships to established best practice, and provides a guide to the selection and adoption of practical and effective agile practices.

Practical focus is given to XP, Scrum, Agile Requirements Best Practices and Behaviour-Driven Development.

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