Are you up-to-date with your Java training?

It is now two years since Oracle released Java 8 on March 2014. This release was highly significant:

    • It is the most important Java release since Java 5 introduced Generics in 2004.
    • Java 8 introduced the Functional Programming Paradigm to Java, thereby providing Java developers with access to an expressive and powerful programming model based on a language that they already know.
    • It has the highest adoption rate of any Java release, and the TIOBE Index showed a surge in popularity of the language from the date of its release.

In addition, Java has emerged as perhaps the most popular enterprise programming platform for the ‘big boys’, e.g. Twitter, Spotify, Google and Facebook. Why? It is a rock-solid platform that has been developed over 20 years, and has proven itself to be

    • Scalable
    • Performant
    • Reliable

Java 9 (codenamed Jigsaw) is expected to come out in late 2017, so you still have time to ensure that you and your team are fully conversant with Java 8 Functional Programming and the new stream APIs.

We have a one-day Java 8 Update Course that will fast-track you into Java 8 Functional Programming. If you think you need Functional Programming in Java 8 – don’t wait – call Diana on 02 9459 3375 or 1300 360 203, or email her on We can also provide onsite training for your entire team, which is what many of our clients have done for this Java upgrade.

API Platforms, Spring-REST and JavaEE

No doubt you have heard all the buzz surrounding API platforms. Businesses now understand the strategic importance of APIs, and are looking for ways to monetise their services and products through API platforms, reaching out to customers in ways that traditional channels could not. The current count is 16,000+ public APIs.

The technology enabling this is the web and an architectural style for implementing scalable, distributed services known as REST (Representational State Transfer). REST-based API services are fast replacing Soap-based services, and distributed microservice architectures are replacing enterprise SOA monoliths.

To help you implement REST-based APIs correctly, we have two courses that will teach you both the principles of REST and implementation pragmatics based on either Spring-REST or JAX-RS. The Spring-REST course is a brand-new offering, and the Java EE Web Service (JAX-RS) course has been updated to reflect the importance of REST-based API services. It must be emphasised that understanding the principles behind REST, especially HATEOAS, is important to industry standard and client-friendly APIs, and that premise underscores both of our courses.

You can check out these two courses:

A Quick Preview of the New Year

As expected, this past year has shown the most interest in Java-related courses, especially in the Spring Framework courses. Training in the Sparx Enterprise Architect Modelling Tool has also been popular, as has training in Agile Software Development.

While we have always concentrated on server-side development, we recognise that with the emergence of browser APIs and the modern web application, the modern-day programmer must become a more well-rounded developer.

To that end, we will be offering new courses in JavaScript and modern web application development in the new year. Another course that will be coming up is Behaviour-Driven Development with Cucumber, that will introduce agile teams to a truly agile and collaborative development practice.

In the meantime, check out our course portfolio at Object Training.


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